"Feel Good" Music that Feels. . .Soooul Good!

Soulstice, a new live-music band based in Bel Air, Maryland, performing the classic songs of soul, r&b, motown, rock, pop and more. 

The six-piece band includes keyboards, saxaphone, drums, percussion, guitars, bass, harmonica, and amazing vocal harmonies. The band is comprised of experienced professional musicians that know how to make a night magical.

    The audience will appreciate the music selection as they dance and sing along with these classic songs. They will be impressed with the musicianship of the band as they perform music that other bands just don't play.

    Soulstice beleives the band is there to support your establishment. We will bring a professional attitude to your facility, make your patrons want to stay and enjoy some great music, and work closesly with your staff to ensure that our setup doesn't disrupt your operations. 

    Soulstice is the perfect band for your corporate event. We will bring top-quality entertainment and professionalism to your function. Our musicians can adapt to your specialized/unique agenda and provide sound system support if the event needs dinner-music or speaker presentations.